Tub Construction

Construction has begun on a set of 3 virtual pinball machines!

We have decided to go with 3/4" plywood (pine, 1 side sanded).

The angle cuts were not perfectly accurate, so we had to clamp them together and do a little sanding.

Perfection isn't absolutely necessary, as weatherstripping will be on top of the angles to allow the glass to sit uniform and not slip.

All of the 'tub' pieces fit perfectly together.

We decided to put the tubs together before cutting or drilling holes for hardware.

The top will be added later (below the backbox), based on our backbox dimensions.

Time for a leg. Tricky, but authentic pinball legs are a MUST.

2 legs..

.. and 4 legs! Solid as a rock.

We mitred corner wood at 45 degree angles for the leg brackets to work and hold it all together.