Our plungers didn't come with the proper plate to mount them .. so we made our own.

Perfect fit.

This is the first try at lining up the leaf spring.


Sanded and primed.

2 coats of primer, 2 coats of black.

Inside and out :)

Putting It All Together

We added a shelf to the tubs, and tied tied it all together with bolts and wing-nuts for easy dis-assembly.

A nice big hole was cut for wires.

Lining It All Up

Everything measures out and fits together perfectly so far :)

Cuts For Tub Hardware

There was a lot of careful math involved in getting all this stuff laid out perfectly.

Holes for the plunger and coin doors don't have to be perfect, as they will be covered up.

Like a glove..

Start, coin and exit buttons installed.

Room for more buttons if we need them.

Blue LED 230mm back fan holes cut (again, doesn't have to be perfect)

Monitor Mounts

Cutting custom mounts for the backbox monitors.

Each set of mounts is different, as the monitors are different brands.

This monitor mounts in with brackets slipped under metal flaps.

And this one required gluing metal brackets to the outside.

Backbox Construction

Carefully measuring, drilling, cutting and routing out the holes for the speakers, DMD, monitor and sound-activated lights.

Everything times 2.

T-molding channels were cut on the front of each backbox piece.

So happy with how it all came together :)